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Owls’ wings inspire quieter wind turbines

Owls’ wings inspire quieter wind turbines
A new study has revealed how inspiration from owls’ wings could allow aircraft and wind turbines to become quieter. Researchers from Japan and China studied the serrations in the leading edge of owls’ wings, gaining new insight into how they work to make the birds’ flight silent. Their results, published in the journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, point towards potential mechanisms for noise suppression in wind turbines, aircraft, multi-rotor drones and other machines.
5th July 2017

Redirecting flight routes could reduce climate impact

Redirecting flight routes could reduce climate impact
According to new research, airlines could reduce their climate impact by up to ten percent in the future by optimising some flight routes. The study shows the cost to airlines of changing flight routes to avoid areas where emissions have the largest impact would be comparatively small – around a one percent increase in operating costs.
28th February 2017

The largest neutrino telescope in the world

Deep-sea array will soak up signals from neutrinos travelling through the cosmos to study the evolution of the universe and to discover more about the fundamental properties of these prized sub-atomic particles. KM3NeT – a European collaboration pioneering the deployment of kilometre cubed arrays of neutrino detectors off the Mediterranean coast – has reported in detail on the scientific aims, technology and costs of its proposal in the Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics.
24th June 2016

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